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True North Project



True North exists to equip and empower students to create healthy relationships. We have worked with thousands of students on how to connect. Hopefully we can connect you with meaningful contacts in your area.


This website was created to help you find resources for help whether it is Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, or Spiritual.

"It's worth the support, as having a good person to come and teach and warn us about these things can greatly improve the chances of the students having a better life in the future than they might have if they did not take this class."

-11th grade girl

Physical Health

Here you will find resources for your physical health and wellbeing. Our physical health can impact several areas of our life if we neglect it.

Mental Health

This section is here to provide you with help for your overall mental health from therapy to counseling.

Emotional Health

These resources are concerned with your emotional health, and how you deal with the ups and downs of life.

Social Health

Social Health is not talked about enough. How we connect and relate with the people around us can be hard, and these people can help.

Spiritual Health

Regardless of your beliefs or values you may have questions that go beyond your understanding. The resources are here to be a support not to judge.

About Us

True North has been serving students for the last 10 years, and we hope to continuing changing lives for many more to come. Our goal is to give youth information and skills to radically change how they connect and communicate. Relationships are hard, and we want to help students everywhere learn how to navigate those waters in the best way possible. 

Happy group of friends
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